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I help family law attorneys reduce their stress, create more time in their schedule, and get them ready to take on more revenue.

I know, you’re probably thinking “if you don’t provide winning lottery numbers, how do you do that?”

Two words: Staff training.

Hi there! I’m Maylee.

Raised by a Marine in a very unstable household, I learned very quickly in life that there are no such things as obstacles. My dad called it “being rebellious”. I called it being innovative, thinking outside the box, and problem-solving. You say tomato, I say tomáto.

I also quickly learned the meaning of “stress”, “anxiety”, and “crap-how-do-I-fix-this” (all of which have been a constant part of my vocabulary ever since).

My mission is to reduce stress.

I don’t have to tell you that the legal field is overflowing with stress. As someone who has been battling anxiety since before she could walk and talk (thank you early child hood trauma), I know firsthand that when stress starts taking over, internal chaos rises, and that shit spreads to everything you touch – creating that icky feeling of being disorganized, overwhelmed, and like you just can’t. With anything.

That’s why I help family law attorneys with training. When you’ve already got the stress of a full schedule of Court appearances, client phone calls, running a business, and a million (and one) other things, the last thing you need is to rearrange your schedule to answer the same questions – over and over again.

I believe that quality customer service is the cornerstone to any successful family law firm.

When I was hired as a receptionist in a family law firm over ten years ago, I brought with me a wealth of customer service experience, from fast food to adult entertainment. I was able to use that experience to read clients’ behaviors and interact with them in such a way that made them think they were getting what they wanted 97% of the time (that other 3%? You can’t please everyone everytime).

(Hint: Perception is a powerful tool.)

Quality customer service = more referrals

While it’s certainly no guarantee, it is a no-brainer. Happy, satisfied clients will refer you more business. Unsatisfied, disgruntled clients will tell people what a horrible experience they had with your firm. Where do you want to be?

I want to live in a world where:

Family law attorneys have knowledgeable, competent staff they can trust.

Anxiety isn’t such a soul-sucking part of daily life.

I don’t mind leaving the house, even when I think it’s too “peopley” outside.

My superpower is:

Seeing the bigger picture …except for that last episode of Suits.

Did not see that coming.

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