When it comes to customer service, family law can be unique. High emotions, different personalities, difficult clients…all of these can be an eye-opener for a new assistant.

Knowing what to expect – and how to handle it – can make all the difference in providing your clients with a positive experience.

That positive experience can make all the difference in whether a client refers business to you or your competitor.

Training That All Family Law Staff Should Have

It’s rare that new staff will know how to handle a phone call with a client that is upset and demands to speak with you – right now.

It’s rare that, without training, new staff is able to recognize when a client is asking for legal advice, or how to answer a client question without it being construed as legal advice.

And if some of those highly turbulent situations aren’t handled with a certain amount of care, it can cost the firm thousands – both in lost referrals or potential bar complaints.

"Maylee would be a great asset to any law firm or legal or billing department of any industry. She is very intelligent, skilled, and oriented to customer service. She has been working with me since April 1, 2013."
Summer R. Nichols, Esquire,
Law Offices of Summer R. Nichols

Customer Service 101 for Family Law

The building block of how to provide quality customer care in family law.

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